Make Synology <3 TransIP Stack

Make Synology <3 TransIP Stack

Note 1: It seems this no longer work (see comments)

Note 2: I currently use Hetzner as a backup location. They have a product called storage box. It supports WebDAV and they have different options. From €9,56 for 1TB up to €48,28 for 10TB of storage. Which brings it down to €4,83 per TB per month. It’s fast and reliable. Using it for some time now and it’s definitely worth the money.

Synology Hyper Backup can backup to WebDAV servers. Stack has support for WebDAV but They don’t seem to like each other. If you follow a few Dutch forum threads  (1 2 ). Users mention that the use of Sparse files is the problem. Hyper Backup creates a Sparse file in WebDAV backups in nas_1.hbk/Pool/bucketID.counter.1

The filename tells us that it’s used as a counter. After creation of the backup task it seems to be empty (I tested this with another WebDAV server 😉 ). If we manually try to upload this file to Stack we receive an error. “Method not allowed”

So, let’s see what is actually in this file. Well it’s empty… Continue reading “Make Synology ❤ TransIP Stack”