Use 8Tracks outside the US / Canada

In February 8Tracks announced a change in their international streaming. Users from outside the US and Canada can no longer stream music from directly. Instead 8Tracks offers the option to play via Youtube. I experienced that the Youtube option did not really work well and found that you can still stream from the website.

When you browse, some playlist still play directly from 8Tracks while others show the “play via Youtube” option. If you look close enough you can see that playlists only work when they end with “?play=1” at the end.

I made a little bookmarklet that lets you easily play all the 8Tracks playlists by changing the last part of the url automatically. Drag thepPlay icon below to your bookmarks bar. Then, when you’re on an playlist you want to play, simply click on it.


If you can’t drag the play icon to your bookmarks bar, right click on it and choose to make a new bookmark. You can als copy the code below and make a new bookmark.

javascript:(function(){ open(location.href+'?play=1','_self'); })();


12 thoughts on “Use 8Tracks outside the US / Canada

    1. Good to hear from you that it worked 🙂
      Have you tried making a bookmark manually? You can copy the code and paste it in the url part.


  1. Great stuff, thanks!

    Using this method, do you know if some tracks will still skip if they don’t have the rights to stream outside the US?


    1. I have a few playlists which I regularly listen to and haven’t noticed any change (But I´m not 100% sure if no tracks are skipped)


    1. I just checked this and it seems that 8Tracks has changed things. When you use the method described in this post 8Tracks will use the Youtube version.


    1. actually, it does but not on all playlists (on some it just refreshes to play youtube tracks). just fyi


      1. Thanks for the info. I have noticed a period where it didn’t work at all a little while ago.
        I hope 8Tracks will let people pay to play music outside US in the future. We will see 😉


  2. This is a lifesaver, thank you!! I couldn’t really find an alternative to 8tracks since they restricted it to US, I tried spotify but it was too annoying with the constant ads.


  3. Managed to enable it with the “Hotspot Shield VPN” extension for Chrome.
    I’ve set it to Canada and works as a charm. It’s just a little laggy sometimes.


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