Improve Todoist recurring tasks

The built-in feature in Todoist for recurring tasks is quite simple. Just write “Clean catbox every week” and each time you mark the task as done, it will be added to your list for the next week.

It’s not possible to move the task to another day if you’re for example not at home to clean the catbox on the specified day. If you move it to another day the recurring function is gone.


There is a simple way with IFTTT to achieve this. You can add recurring tasks to a separate project and give those a label with a number. This number represents the amount of days to wait before the task has to be done again after it’s finished (so for one week we use 7). Within Todoist it looks like a normal task and it’s possible to move it to another day. When it’s marked as done, IFTTT will create a new one for you in the future. Check this recipe.
IFTTT Recipe: recurring tasks for Todoist connects todoist to todoist

This solution does have it’s limitations. Recurring tasks can only be placed in one project without other labels and notes. I don’t need those features on recurring tasks so for me this is a good solution.

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